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Questions or Concerns?

Please observe the department communication policy which indicates that you speak with your coach first, the Athletic Director second, and if necessary, the Principal.  
For information about our policies, procedures, or league rules, please consult our Handbooks Page which can be located by clicking on "Athletic Handbooks" in the left vertical menu.
For Coach Contact information, please log into the website with your email and password and click on your team roster tab in the left side vertical menu.
For all Athletic Department Questions, please contact our Athletic Director.

Athletic Director:  Sara Spencer
Email:  athleticdirector@stgilesschool.org
Office:  (708) 383-6279 Ext. 514
For any registration or payment questions, please contact the school Business Manager.

School Business Manager:  Michele Bibbey
Email: mbibbey@stgilesschool.org
Office:  (708) 383-6279 Ext. 513