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Volunteer Requirements

All Athletic families are REQUIRED to provide volunteer service hours during the school year. Each sport has different requirements which is based on the number of families that participate and are needed to share the work load. 

Fall/Soccer - 1 slot per family

Winter/Basketball - 4 slots per family

Spring/Volleyball - 2 slots per family


* To sign up for your preferred opportunity, please click on the "Volunteer Opportunities" in the drop down menu under "Volunteer". If you do not sign up for your preferred option, you will be assigned to an available slot.


Hint: To better view your volunteer options, click on "filter" at the top of the page and select the team you are volunteering for.



  • Uniform Distribution Night
  • Fall Hot Lunch
  • Soccer Pack the Park



  • Girls and Boys Basketball Concession Stand Sales
  • Girls and Boys Basketball Admission Table
  • Girls Basketball Jam the Gym
  • Boys Basketball Jam the Gym



  • Spring Hot Lunch
  • Volleyball Concession Stand Sales
  • Volleyball Jam the Gym Night