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4-8th Grade CoEd Fall Cross Country FAQ

When does registration open and close?

Registration opens Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Registration closes Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

Where can I register?

Follow the links in Lions Home to register

How much is it to register for CoEd Cross Country?

4-8 grade $80, but if you register by Friday, July 1st, 2022, you will receive a $25 early bird discount.

Do I need to buy a uniform if I am registered for 4-8th grade CoEd Cross Country?

Yes, if you are a 4th grader or if you are new to Cross Country or Track and Field.

No, if you have one from the Fall 2021 Cross Country season or Spring 2022 Track and Field season you do not have to purchase one, but if you do not or if it does not fit please make sure to purchase.

How much is the uniform, where can I purchase it, and what does the uniform include? 

Uniforms for 4-8th grade are $30. They include a uniform top.

What do I need to participate in fall CoEd Cross Country?

Each player will need the designated uniform top, black bottoms, and gym shoes.

When do I need to order my uniform and where do I order it?

Players must have their uniforms ordered by August 10th to guarantee that they will be ready for the first meet.

How often are practices, when do practices begin, and how long as practices?

Practice are usually 2-3 times a week. They range from 60-75 minutes. Practices will begin at St. Giles School.

How many meets are in a season and when do meets begin and end? How many meets are in a week?

There is only one meet a week.  See the below tentative meet schedule

Meet #1: 09/03 – hosted by SSPP and ??? @ May Watts  

Meet #2: 09/10 – hosted by: ??? @ DGS&R or new venue 

Meet #3: 09/17 – Co-Ed Meet hosted by: SJA and ??? @ Marmion 

Meet #4: 09/24 – hosted by: Pius X and SH @ Lombard Commons 

Meet #5: 10/01 – Championship Meet hosted by: ??? @ Lewis Univ


What league(s) does 4-8th grade play in?

We participate in 1 league, The SPLCC.

Do you have a coach for the 4-8th Fall Cross Country team? How many coaches need to be on each team?

We are still looking to finalize our coaches for Fall Cross Country

What do I need to do to be a coach?

Contact AD Sara Spencer with any interest at .

All Coaches must be fully compliant to volunteer.

How many players need to be registered to have a team? What if there are not enough players.

A minimum of 11 players needs to be signed up for a team to be formed. 

Is there a parent meeting or team rules/conduct?

Yes, every team should have a parent meeting where player and spectator conduct, playing time, academic eligibility, and team rules are discussed.  There will also be a welcome fall sports video from AD.

Do cross country players have to follow the Academic Athletic Eligibility Policy?

Yes, every player is required to adhere to the Academic Athletic Eligibility Policy.  Please make sure you are familiar with the policy.  Academic eligibility will be reviewed every Tuesday morning and an email will be sent out by end of the day Tuesday.  Eligibility probation or ineligibility will last for one week from Wednesday to the following Tuesday when Academic eligibility is reviewed again. 

How does the meet participation work?

The races are based on age group and gender.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

Please contact the coach of the team first.  If there is no solution then please contact the Athletic Director.