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2022 SPL Cross Country Meet #2

Welcome to the second meet of the 2022 Suburban Parochial League season hosted by St Mary of Gostyn, St. Joseph, and St. Luke at Downers Grove Swim and Racquet Club. There is a lot of information to comprehend below, so I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you forward this letter directly to your parents.

Meet Details

Date: Saturday, September 10th, 2022
Location: Downers Grove Swim and Racquet Club, 5560 Fairview Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60516
First Race: 9:00 AM

Coaches/Course Marshall’s Meeting: 8:15 AM (@ the starting line)


There is limited parking in the club parking lot school parking lot and adjacent lots to the north on both sides of Barth Pond. If there is no parking available in these lots, there is plenty of street parking in the surrounding residential areas. Parents may drop off their athletes at the roundabout at DG Swim and Racquet (right turns only so you must access Fairview from 55th St) and then find parking in the residential areas. The parking map below details where parking is available and how to access the course through other entrances. There will be volunteers monitoring the club entrance and assisting traffic flow on the day of the meet.

Race Lengths and Time Limits and order:

5th Grade: 1 mile
th Grade: 1 1⁄2 miles
th and 8th Grade: 2 miles

5th Grade: 12 minutes
th Grade: 18 minutes
th and 8th Grade: 24 minutes

5th Grade Boys 5th Grade Girls 6th Grade Boys 6th Grade Girls 7th Grade Boys 7th Grade Girls 8th Grade Boys 8th Grade Girls

*According to Section 8.C of the Suburban Parochial League Cross Country Rules and Procedures


*IMPORTANT* Downers Grove requires a special event permit which was overly expensive to obtain if we have tents over 10x10. We opted not to get the permit. Therefore, similar to last year, those with larger tents will need to either find an alternative tent or will have to go without a tent for this one meet.

The tent set-up area will be next to the sand volleyball courts and pavilion at the northeast end of the course. (see map below)


Port-o-Potties and indoor restrooms will be available at the entrance to pool.


No concessions will be done on site. Please make sure your athletes have their own water.

Other Meet Notes:

Spectators are welcome to watch from different points throughout the course. However, spectators are reminded to please adhere to the directions of the course marshals and officials. There are entry points to the course from the northeast/northwest (Barth Pond area) and southwest (57th St and Dearborn). However, if will be very difficult to move from these locations to the start/finish areas during the races without interfering with the runners, so we strongly encourage limited movement from these areas into the main field near the start/finish area once the meet has begun. Also, please respect the grounds and pick up any trash.

We are looking forward to a great meet. Please contact me with any questions.

Chris Fruy
Meet Director
Cross Country Coach St. Mary of Gostyn 773-592-6175 chrisfruy@gmail.com


5th Grade Course = 1.003 mi


6th Grade Course = 1.465 mi
From start follow dotted line to solid yellow line to finish


7th and 8th Grade Course = 2.004 mi
From start follow dotted line to solid yellow line to finish





Options for parking around DG Swim and Racquet Club

  1. Park on 57th St or an adjacent street and the park from the southwest corner. Follow the blue arrows above from the bottom

    left corner of the map which will have you walking alongside the course. You will walk through a set of trees and into the

    main field where the start and finish areas are located.

  2. Access limited parking in the lots on the east and west ends of Barth Pond. You can follow the path along either side and

    enter the course from various points (follow blue arrows above). You will walk approximately 200 meters down the path and then turn left, walk through a tree-lined path and will enter the main field where the start and finish areas are located. If parking in the lot on the east side of Barth Pond (top right parking icon in the above map), walk across the bridge at the southeast end of the parking lot. Walk down the path and through the opening in the trees, which will bring you to the main parking lot at DG Swim and Racquet. There will be a wooden stairway to your right that leads toward the clubhouse. At the top of the stairs, take a left and walk toward the driveway, taking you to the clubhouse.

  3. Park on Fairmount Ave to the west of the course and enter the course the same way described above in #2.

  4. Park east of Fairview Ave and access the course through the main entrance to the club just south of 56th St. Walk west along

    the main driveway until you get to the main field.