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SPL Greg Vogler Memorial Co-Ed Meet

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022

Marmion Academy

1000 Butterfield Road, Aurora, IL 60502

Hosted by St. Joan of Arc, the 3rd meet of the 2022 Suburban Parochial League Cross Country season’s goal is to – provide an event that is strictly for fun, (there is NO team scoring) – and to present an opportunity for those student athletes who normally don’t finish in the top 25 to earn a place ribbon.  In addition, the race honors Greg Vogler, a former SPLCC president, who was instrumental in developing the co-ed format.  His contributions and leadership advanced middle school cross country and the SPLCC.

Meet Details

To help set the tone, and get the festivities underway, the Marmion Academy Marching Band will again be playing starting at 8:30 a.m. and will perform the National Anthem at 8:55 a.m. just prior to the beginning of the first race at 9:00.

**Coaches should gather at 8:15 for instructions. (See Map #1 for location)


All parking is in the two main lots, east of the course near the baseball and football fields.  NO VEHICLES ARE TO PARK ON THE GRASS OR MAIN ROAD THAT GOES AROUND THE CAMPUS.  The main drive needs to be clear at all times.  This applies to drop off and pick up.  Car-pooling is recommended if possible.  Marmion has a JV Soccer game at 10 a.m. and a Varsity game scheduled for Noon, so the Northeast corner of the large parking lot should remain open for soccer.

No one is permitted in the chapel/Abby area.  Additionally, NO PETS are allowed on the Marmion grounds.  This is an SPLCC rule and a Marmion requirement.  Please make sure parents and student-athletes are aware of the parking and grounds expectations.

Other Meet Notes

Marmion will provide concessions, porta-pots, and clean-up after the meet.  Nonetheless, please be conscientious and dispose of any trash in the proper receptacle.  Tents are allowed but must be weighted and/or staked down, following guidelines set forth in the league’s Rules and Procedures.

See: http://www.s-p-l.org/documents/XC_rules_20190815.pdf  for any additional requirements.


Race Format

Comprised of 8 races with two flights at each grade level, boys and girls run together at the same distances as the other SPL meets and in the same racing order:


Race #1: 5th Grade Boys/ Girls Flight #1 – 1.0 mile    Race #5: 7th Grade Boys/Girls Flight #1 – 2.0 miles

Race #2: 5th Grade Boys/Girls Flight #2 – 1.0 mile    Race #6: 7th Grade Boys/Girls Flight #2 – 2.0 miles

Race #3: 6th Grade Boys/Girls Flight #1 – 1.5 miles    Race #7: 8th Grade Boys/Girls Flight #1 – 2.0 miles

Race #4: 6th Grade Boys/Girls Flight #1 – 1.5 miles    Race #8: 8th Grade Boys/Girls Flight #2 – 2.0 miles


Flight #1 is composed of boys and girls who have finished in the top 25 (i.e. won an individual top 25 ribbon) in either the first or second SPL meet this season.  Each gender will be awarded finish-place ribbons 1-25: (i.e. the top 25 boys earn ribbons and the top 25 girls earn ribbons for a total of 50 ribbons being distributed in Flight #1).



Flight #2 includes all runners who DID NOT finish in the top 25 in either SPL meet this season.  Boys and girls also race together and each gender is awarded ribbons for finishing 1-35. (i.e. the top 35 boys receive a ribbon and the top 35 girls are awarded ribbons  for a total of 70 ribbons distributed to Flight #2 runners in each of the grade-level races).


Starting Line/ Finish Line / Chute Operations

Flight #1 will have about 1/3 of the runners for each grade.  Flight #2 will have 2/3 of the runners for each grade and Meet Officials should allow extra room and time for completion of Flight #2 races.  However, the time limits for each race to be completed based on grade will be observed in order to keep the meet moving.


    5th Grade – 12 minutes                        7th Grade – 24 minutes

    6th Grade – 18 minutes                        8th Grade – 24 minutes


Runners will be allowed to finish in the chute, but coaches should make arrangements to (1) identify those runners who are not able to complete their races in the allotted time so they are not incorrectly awarded a ribbon, as well as, (2) make arrangements to time these runners so they have a finish time.


There will be two chutes for each race: one for Boys and one for Girls, with timers and tag pullers assigned for each gender.  Chute workers should be aware that boys and girls will be finishing at the same time, and should make sure that each finishing runner is directed to the correct chute.  Tag pullers should be aware that they will be pulling tags for all 8 races.


Races cannot overlap as each gender will require an official timer and backup timer: (i.e. there will be one official and one backup timer for Boys and one official and backup timer for Girls).  As a consequence, Timers should be aware that they will each time and backup 8 races rather than the normal 4 races.  Note: Arrangements should be made to supplement the usual contingent of four timers with additional timers if needed in order to keep the meet moving along in a timely manner.

The official volunteer list is included with this communication.  Please be sure all volunteers are present and are aware of their responsibilities.


Important Notes:

(1) Coaches, if you have a runner who did not run in either of the first two SPL meets, please place him/her in the appropriate flight/race particularly if you know that they are a top 25 capable finisher.  (2) As of the 2016 season, NO team scores are computed, nor are team ribbons awarded or an award ceremony held.


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