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St. Giles School requires each student-athlete maintain no lower than a C- grade in each academic class each week to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics. Spanish class will be included for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.



At the beginning of each season, team rosters will be made available to the School Administration.  Beginning after the third full week of each trimester, student-athletes’ grades will be reviewed on Tuesdays by teachers. Student-athletes  with a grade below a C- will be placed on academic probation for one week. After the one week probation period has ended teachers will review grades and determine if the student-athlete’s grade has met eligibility requirements. If the requirements have not been met, the student-athlete will be declared ineligible for all athletic activities until the grades are reviewed the following Tuesday, at which time the eligibility will again be determined for the following week. Student-athletes with IEPs will be given special consideration.

School Administration will provide the Athletic Director (AD) a list of student-athletes on academic probation and a list of student-athletes declared academically ineligible every Tuesday, which will be followed by notification, via email, to the student's family and coaches.  All coaches are expected to follow all eligibility decisions. 



Ineligibility will begin with games/practices on Wednesday and will continue through the following Tuesday.  A student declared academically ineligible may not attend events (Pack the Park, Jam the Gym), practices, games, or meetings of his/her team during the ineligible period.  If a student is declared ineligible before a vacation period, the student will remain ineligible until the first Tuesday after school is back in session.


A student declared ineligible for 4 weeks in a trimester will be immediately withdrawn from participating in his/her athletic activity for the remainder of the season or the trimester, whichever is shorter. 


by Master Admin posted 09/18/2021
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